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Neighbors for a Restored Castro Theatre

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Who We Are: We're queer and allied Castro community members supporting Another Planet Entertainment’s (APE) plans for a multi-use Castro Theatre. We believe accommodating seating and standing audiences for film, theater, and live events will fill the theater and increase the vitality of our beloved LGBTQ+ neighborhood.

Take Action:  City leaders may intervene to stop the restoration project.

We need your support to ensure the project moves forward:

1) Email Supervisors Now: Urge the Board of Supervisors to reject the landmarking

of fixed seats that would likely doom APE's plans for the Theatre. 

2) Join the June 15th Hearing: Save the date! Join us on Thursday, June 15th at 11am at City Hall for a joint hearing of the Historic Preservation Commission and the Planning Commission that will determine whether the project can advance. If you can't join there will be a phone comment period.

To make a phone comment on Thursday:

  • Call +1 (415) 655-0001

  • Enter Access Code 2593 558 2871##

  • To comment, press * 3 (star 3) to "raise your hand"

  • Full phone instructions here

Read our letter to the Castro Theatre Conservancy:

Read APE's Community Benefits Plan:



Read the op-ed by some of our volunteers describing why we support the restoration plan:

Read APE's Restoration Plan:

About Our Effort

The plan to restore the Castro Theatre is at risk! Many neighbors want to see this iconic landmark restored, but city leaders are ignoring our voices and may intervene to stop the project. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram (linked at bottom of page) for opportunities to make your voice heard.

The Nasser family built the Castro Theatre over 100 years ago and during that time it has gone through many evolutions. In recent years the theater has suffered as cinema audiences have declined around the country. In 2018, when the theater showed films exclusively (not as part of a film festival or special event) they covered their operating costs in just 43 of 177 days. In 2023, showing films 177 days of the year in a 1400-seat theater is not a sustainable business model.

Another Planet Entertainment (APE), a local Bay Area company, wants to invest $15M+ in a historic restoration of the crumbling theater, including new film equipment and ADA accessibility. They also plan to enhance the space as a multi-purpose venue for film, theater, and live events. Focusing on events that can fill the theater will drive increased economic activity for local businesses and their workers in a neighborhood filled with vacant storefronts.

Film (and seating!) won’t go away: APE has committed to 33% film programming and their plans have been endorsed by Frameline.

Queer programming will be enhanced: APE has committed to 25% queer-dedicated programming, more than past levels, in partnership with local queer performers.

Removable seats in APE’s plan will allow for a more diverse array of programming, artists, and audiences, and a more sustainable business model that will keep the Castro Theatre at the center of a thriving queer community for 100 years to come. City leaders should not get in the way of this much-needed investment.
Thank you for your support!

Meet our Co-Chairs

Joe Sangirardi is a LGBTQ activist and professional non-profit and political fundraiser. Joe works for the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest LGBTQ+ civil rights advocacy organization. Previously, Joe served as the Development Director for the LGBTQ Victory Fund, a national organization dedicated to electing queer folks to office. Joe serves as the secretary for the Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association, which includes The Castro, and as Membership Co-Chair for the Alice B. Toklas LGBTQ Demcoratic Club. Joe also serves on the Retail Strategy Committee for the Castro Community Benefit District and is a founder and former president of the University of Oklahoma's LGBTQ Alumni Club. Joe lives in the Castro with his husband, Jeff, and their dozens (and dozens) of plant babies.


Mike Murray is a gay resident of the Castro. He enjoys film, live music, and San Fancisco's rich queer culture and nightlife. He walks by the Castro Theatre every day and hopes to see it thrive.

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